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Geoff Wowk, P.Eng., CFEI

Technical Experts   

Born and raised in Edmonton, Geoff spends his off time biking in the river valley and golfing, as well as following the local sports teams. He might be better known as the owner of Sintra’s resident mascot, Cato. Cato spends most of his time finding the most comfortable spot in the sun, while Geoff conducts fire and technical investigations for property losses.

Geoff has a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and a prior experience in Forensic Engineering with exposure to accident reconstruction, design, and property loss.

Most unusual place visited - The Bone Church in Kutna Hora, Czech Republic

Perfect day - Camping near a river in the deep woods, setting a fire, kickin up some mud, and playing/listening to music under a star filled sky.

Hidden talent- Been known to bust a move.


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