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Lori Kiel

Administration Team   

While Lori may describe her educational background as “varied, confused, unfocused,” a better descriptor could actually be ‘renaissance woman’ (and yes, it’s in the dictionary, you can look it up). With university degrees specializing in electrical engineering, anthropology, and computer sciences, talents are many. At Sintra Engineering, Lori makes sure all the books are in order and that staff are paid every month, which makes her very popular with her fellow employees. As co-founder and part-owner of Sintra Engineering, Lori has been a key component to the growth and success of this organization.

Favourite activity - Borderline obsession with playing beach volleyball.

Role model -Commander (CSA and NASA) Chris Hadfield, (Col. Retired, RCAF)

If Sintra gave you a month off to do any job in the world, what would it be? - Documentary filmmaker.  But I think I would need more than a month.


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